Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I cant get a bank loan but I want to own a home or I want to invest in property

Too often I hear these phrases when people say they want to own a home or they want to invest in property:

"I can't get a bank loan"
"I can't be bothered applying"
"I don't have a 10% deposit"
"I'm self-employed and the bank process is too long"
"I haven't done my taxes in years and can't get approved"
"I'm new to the country"
"I don't have a stable employment history"
"I have credit issues"
and so on.

So how do we work around this case where you can afford the monthly repayments but the banks just refuse to loan you money?

Talk to the seller!
Sellers just want to sell their house quickly and at the best price.
Buyers just want to buy and move in or invest.

Simply structure it so that you make repayments to the seller! In this way, you get to by-pass the lengthy bank loan process and the seller gets more money since you pay the interest direct to the seller. Of course, it is extremely important to have this legally written.

Buyer benefits:
- No need to get a bank loan
- No need to go through the long paperwork process and stress about approvals
- You can move in quicker or invest and rent out quicker
- You save on loan paperwork fees

Seller benefits:
- Property is sold faster
- More money received
- All debts paid off

This is just one of the many strategies taught by Rick Otton and I recommend attending his free seminars all over Australia if you want to sell or buy faster with no bank loans.
If you have a place to sell but don't want to deal directly or find your own buyer, I can take over and help with no fees! If you are looking to buy a property in Australia without a bank loan and dont want to deal directly with the seller, I have properties ready for you with affordable repayments.

Sellers or Buyers, just feel free to email: alyssa@homebucket.com

Happy selling or buying!

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