Sunday, 19 May 2013

Property Investing, buying a house in Australia

Hey guys

I wanted to share with you on how I started property investing and buying houses to make profits.

My background in property started with watching my parents:
My parents were the renovator-types. Buying an old house and fixing it up structurally and cosmetically then selling it down the road to make profits. They only do this to the principal place of residence (PPOR), so no capital gains tax is applicable. In a span of 12 years living with my parents in Australia, we had moved 8 times and of course made profits along the way. Its not easy work --- I've had to shovel soil, lay wooden floor boards, paint rooms, carry bricks and pack numerous times. In fact, lots of my stuff are still in boxes. But it worked for them and it paid for me and 3 of my other sister's education till University. Oh and my parents also had a business selling massage chairs and products.

I knew I was not a renovator-type. My dad enjoyed designing and building - extending bathrooms, adding a new kitchen, drilling an entire basement and doing all the plumbing and electrical wiring himself. Me? No.

So at a ripe age of 21, I went out searching for ways to invest in property without much cash and without having to do any manual renovations. I attended Rick Otton's class and it changed my life.

If you are at all interested in building your own wealth with property with little cash, then this event is just for you. He holds these talks around Australia and you nothing to lose, its FREE. He talks about how to buy a house for a dollar but of course if you have some cash to invest, it'll make it even easier. Its ok to be skeptical and doubt - I did. But if you don't like what he is saying, its ok, at least you know one more property strategy and you paid nothing for it.

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