Saturday, 22 September 2012

Why do people sell their house

Hello Home Bucketeers!

As a way to help sellers in Sydney and across Australia to easily sell their homes, I have decided to start a blog! In this current bad economic situation, I'm seeing more and more houses for sale and sellers forced to reduce their prices just to obtain a sale. There are houses in Western Sydney (blacktown, penrith, etc) that have been on the market for more than 3 months and even with slashed prices, these homes are not luring buyers.

So why are people selling in this market?
- Can't afford repayments because of increases of day-to-day family expenses.
- Moving overseas
- Divorce sales
- Need the cash to put towards a business or to put in other investments
- Just want some cash for a holiday or to buy that treat
- Pay off debts from home loan, car loan, credit cards, bills, etc.
- Bought another house
- Want to sell the investment house since its not in a good financial state.
- Get the cash out and put in the bank for a rainy day

Whatever the reason, if a seller no longer wants to wait for the buyer and just wants to sell, I can usually step in and provide a solution that will work for both parties. Since I do not charge any fees or commission, I basically provide another option. Sellers are also able to continue listing with an agent while considering other options to get the price they want.

Happy Selling!

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